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55 Meadow St
Brooklyn, NY, 11206
United States


Artist Info

WOODPOINT & KINGSLAND works with amazing contemporary artists to create collaborations which make original custom objects that are accessible to a wide demographic. We strive to introduce and promote the work of these artists and make their work attainable to any art lover. 
WOODPOINT & KINGSLAND has exhibited their collaborations at museums such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, galleries such as DeBuck Gallery and Y Gallery, pop-ups in stores such as Bird, Artware Editions and Community 54 and carried in stores such as By George, Len Druskin and Study Hall. 
Artists we have worked with:  Austin Eddy • Anders Oinonen• Ann Pibal • Brian Alfred • Chie Fueki • Chuck Webster • Diana Al-Hadid • Doug Melini • Daisuke Ohba • D-Zine/Carlos Rolon • Gina Magid • Geoff McFetridge • Garth Weiser • Guy Yanai • Hisham Akira Bharoocha • Kris Chatterson • Iona Rozeal Brown • Jacob Hashimoto • Joseph Montgomery • Jessica Williams • Kevin Appel • Katherine Bernhardt • Ky Anderson • Luis Gispert • Laurel Nakadate • Lane Twitchell • Matt Mignanelli • Matt Phillips • Mie Yim • Ridley Howard • Rudy Shepherd • Ryan Schneider • Sean Greene • Shirley Kaneda • Suzanne Song • Steven Walls • Tomokazu Matsuyama • Wendy White amongst others.